New Year’s Resolutions 2012

My new years resolution once again involves better discipline.

How did I do in 2011? Let’s see…

Get to bed at a reasonable hour (between 11 and 11:30). Lights out between 12 and 12:30. – Getting MUCH better at this one. Baby wakes up at 7am! I still need to work on it juuuust a little more.

Eat breakfast. – As I’m still breastfeeding, this is an easy resolution to keep. I’m hungry in the morning.

Be a good mommy – I have no idea how I’m doing on that front.

Get to the gym, or yoga, or walk or get exercise 3 days a week – Since April I mostly managed about twice a week so I think we’re doing well. Just added Spud to the gym membership last week so she can go to the daycare while I use the gym though we have not started that yet.

Take your art self seriously and make art a priority – Failed on this front. Need to do better.

Get something published – Again, failed. No, my greeting cards don’t count.

Finish that goddam book already – Succeeded at this one. Hooray!!

So here’s the list for 2012:
Be a good mommy
Take your art self seriously and make art a priority
Get something published
Buy a new house (maybe?)
Get rid of a lot of clutter in the house
Sell stuff
Get off the computer and be more analog, especially just before bedtime!

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