Shall We Dance – Nina & Carol

carol and nina This is a Voice-o-Graph recording of my mother and my aunt singing “Shall We Dance,” from “The King and I” at the top of the Empire State Building sometime in the early 1950’s (but probably after 1952). Mom says, “Nothing remains unbroadcast in this world. I think I was 6 or 5 … [Read more…]

The Chipmunk’s Christmas Song – Me 1993

Ok it’s a real cringer for me but to beat anyone to the punch in posting such blackmail material on me, I’ll post it here myself. First. YES I played Alvin the Chipmunk in the SU Drama’s Christmas Cabaret 1993. Le Sigh. the chipmunk song

Poppa Abe Recordings From 1976

I found these .mp3 files on Harris’ computer. Uncle Steve tells me “The story behind the tapes is that I have a cassette of Pop playing the mandolin and I transferred them onto my computer. One day Harris and I had gotten into a discussion about “old fashion” music, and so I sent him the … [Read more…]

Music From Schoolhouse Lane, 2002

We were all in New York the day before Unca Bob’s mom and Lauren and Russ’ Grandma Pauline’s funeral. What ensued was not the normal activity for the day before a funeral but as we saw each other so infrequently, we were happy to sing and play with each other. Lissie had her guitar and … [Read more…]