Flash Dinner: Dirty Rice and Creamed Spinach

To be filed under “Don’t Judge.” This is tonight’s Flash Dinner is two packages of Bird’s Eye frozen creamed spinach and 1 Pack of Zatarain’s dirty rice mix with ground turkey browned with 1 chopped onion and 3/4 chopped bell pepper (that was pre-chopped in my fridge).

There’s that old adage about fast, cheap, and good… I’m trying to run down the middle. While I’d love to buy organic and fresh all the time, it gets expensive.

And when you have exactly a half hour to cook dinner from pretty much start to finish while feeding the baby a bottle of (Earth’s Best) formula because he is too impatient and squirmy to do the late afternoon (read “first to be dropped”) nurse, the toddler hasn’t slept and is running around in circles proclaiming Brio blocks are cookies, the cat (to whom you are allergic) is shedding all over your ankles even after you’ve fed him HIS dinner, and the husband is on deadline and may not even MAKE dinner let alone bedtime…

You go to somewhat pre-fab food. I’ve posted the ingredient list here. I can live with this. Yes there are other things in there that I wouldn’t be putting in if I was cooking from scratch (like the MSG in the dirty rice). And normally I’d prefer to make my own cream or cheese sauces. But sometimes, you have to settle.

Flash Dinner

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