Poppa Abe Recordings From 1976

I found these .mp3 files on Harris’ computer. Uncle Steve tells me “The story behind the tapes is that I have a cassette of Pop playing the mandolin and I transferred them onto my computer. One day Harris and I had gotten into a discussion about “old fashion” music, and so I sent him the songs on tape.”
Poppa Abe was my dad’s dad. He gave Harris a mandolin and showed him how to play it. I am told Popa Abe played the mandolin on the vaudeville stage on amateur night.

01.Abe Wulfson 1976 – 1.mp3
02.Abe Wulfson 1976 – 2.mp3
03.Abe Wulfson 1976 – 3.mp3
04.Abe Wulfson 1976 – 4.mp3
05.Abe Wulfson 1976 – 5.mp3
06.Abe Wulfson 1976 – 6.mp3
07.Abe Wulfson 1976 – 7.mp3
08.Abe Wulfson 1976 – 8.mp3
09.Abe Wulfson 1976 – 9.mp3
10.Abe Wulfson 1976 – 10.mp3
11.Abe Wulfson 1976 – 11.mp3
12.Abe Wulfson 1976 – 12.mp3
13.Abe Wulfson 1976 – 13.mp3
14.Abe Wulfson 1976 – 14.mp3
15.Abe Wulfson 1976 – 15.mp3
16.Abe Wulfson 1976 – 16.mp3

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